• Learn about how is the brain processing information and How do we decide to buy what we buy?
  • This is one of the few conferences that focuses on limitations and ethics of marketing application of human sciences
  • Featured talks by Pr Patrick Georges, one of the expert who is working on cognitive ergonomics and collective intelligence in organizations
  • Brings together a good mix of attendees from industry and academia to facilitate brainstorming and networking on key issues
  • Expert presentations on the understanding of the cognitive sciences publications from the best universities and labs

Who will benefit?

  • Managers and professionals in marketing, sales, advertising and communication.
  • People working in the field of pharmaceutics, agro-food, beverages, health & beauty, cosmetic…

What are the benefits?
At the end of the workshop, you will be able to apply the latest results in cognitive and decision sciences to new product development, point of sales design, package design, advertising campaign, sales processes, storytelling, and more

We look forward to welcome you in Dubai soon for this international congress.

Pr Patrick GEORGES
Coordinator of NeuroMarketing 2016

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