RedLineThe idea of Neuromarketing was born after the organization of “Marketing & Ageing Well-Being”?, which was organized in Paris, few months ago.

Among the strategic conclusions of the conference, marketing must target new innovations and trends.

The Scientific Committee composed mainly from scientists and clinical researchers decided to highlight the Neurodimension and linked it to marketing.


In the marketing jungle, marketers have always been focused on developing innovative marketing strategies

to attract and seduce consumers. One of these strategies is Neuromarketing. This conference will be the opportunity to discuss about this new generation marketing with its key actors.


The aim of Neuromarketing 2016 will be to gather many specialists coming from various and complementary disciplines: marketing, neuroscience, psychology and sociology.

Among Hot Topics which will be discussed during Neuromarketing 2016

Neuromarketing: recent advances and perspectives
Neuromarketing: methods and practices
Neuromarketing and emotions
Neuromarketing and ethics: where is the red line?

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